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A few words from the Founder...

"Garrijimanha was created to support healing and unity within our nation through collaboration, by sharing culture from many First Nations perspectives and supporting wider Australia in being inclusive of meaningful Indigenous culture within their organisation, projects, and events.

I believe if you are heard, healing walks closely behind. Garrijimanha's collaborative structure provides opportunity for industry professionals nation wide to support our Indigenous creatives and community in sharing their culture.

I also believe in the power to unify through collaboration and how connecting organisations, industry professionals and community together at one place will create meaningful relationships and relevant content to suit and serve the needs of all."

Chelsy Atkins - Yamatji Widi, Wongi Woman

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Chelsy Atkins is a proud Yamatji Widi, Wongi woman from Western Australia, living and working on the South Coast of NSW on Yuin country for the past 13 years.

Chelsy has worked within the arts and culture sector and music industry for the past 18 years. Throughout that period, Chelsy has performed on stages throughout QLD, NSW and VIC and has curated, collaborated, and facilitated workshops, projects, and events throughout NSW, WA.

In 2019 Chelsy founded ‘Garrijimanha’ (Standing Together), which is dedicated to strengthening our communities socially, culturally, and economically and to aid in the unity and healing within communities throughout the nation.

Recently Chelsy has taken on a new appointment as Director of the Yamatji Southern Regional Corporation (YSRC) and Bundi Yamatji Aboriginal Corporation (BYAC) where she is excited to be making meaningful and lasting change for her mob back in WA.


Garrijimanha manages the design, production and delivery of traditional and contemporary Indigenous arts and cultural content and experiences for organisations, projects and events.


Garrijimanha designs, develops and delivers Indigenous arts and cultural; Multimedia Content, Live Performance and Workshops nation wide.

We identify the desired outcomes through client consultation, and custom design Indigenous content and experiences that specifically suit the needs of your organisation, project and event.

On all projects, Garrijimanha works alongside a hand picked team of industry professionals. The team then, supports First Nation creatives and community (from your local area) in sharing their culture within the project.

We provide an inclusive collaborative flow between First Nations, Industry professionals and organisations. This ensures, all voices are heard and supported.


Garrijimanha collaborates with Australian Indigenous Nations, to produce and deliver a vast reflection of Indigenous perspectives within all projects.

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